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Change domain - same server

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Change domain - same server

Situation is like this. I have one main domain and one parked domain which point to same folder on server.

IE: www.mydomain.com as main and www.seconddomain.com parked domain.

Have GLinks, GForum and GCommunity installed as on www.mydomain.com and all paths are to mydomain.com.

Now, I want to change that parked domain (www.seconddomain.com) is main and main domain (www.mydomain.com) to be parked.

What I need to do in GT scripts? Only change paths and domain for cookies in admin panel(s) or do I need to deinstall and install it all again?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [DeadMan] Change domain - same server In reply to
No, you just need to update the paths and domain in the config. No need to re-install.