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Category search results for multi-cat link.

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Category search results for multi-cat link.
Is there any way to determine what category a link with multiple categories will appear in when a search is completed?

As an example, I have completed the EditorPick modification, and I have one site in multiple categories, two of which are:

Art and Culture : Clip Art
Art and Culture : Digital

For some reason when a search is completed, the site shows up in the second category, but I want it to be shown in the first category (so it will be listed first in the search results).

Is there an easy way for me to make sure that a site will show up in a search for the first category that it is listed in and not another one?

Rob Bartlett
AAA Internet Publishing, Inc.
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Re: Category search results for multi-cat link. In reply to

This was addressed in another thread, with some possible "fixes" in a future release.

Your best shot of having the first link returned is to make sure the first category that is inserted into the database is the "primary". That is no guarantee, but it increases the odds.

Every other solution requires changes to the database and logic.

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