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Category name same as <title>

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Category name same as <title>
Hey there :)
I am having a bit of a problem, the thing is that I want to put keywords in my <title> for google.
But what I dont want is my category called for example "1000's of cheap DVD's + great tips and tricks 4 games".
This is because google now ignores the description tag and your surfer will get to see the title, and then some text taken from the site below the title.

So to cut to the chase, can I somehow call my category "DVD", but still put this "1000's of cheap DVD's + great tips and tricks 4 games". in the title tags?

Best regards,
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Re: [Gunni] Category name same as <title> In reply to
You can create a new custom field in the Links table called something like: Page_Title. Then on the category.html template, you would use the Page_Title tag:


You would then need to enter the actual title you want to use for the Page_Title field for all of your categories.


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FrankM: Jan 4, 2005, 9:30 AM