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Has anyone implemented different category templates?

Even though I do a straight reproduction of the original category template, I get the following error:


Deep recursion in includes, aborting include!
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Re: [Alba] Category_Template In reply to

This normally means you are inter-linking between templates. For example:

include_header.html has;

<%include new_header.html%>

..and then new_header.html has;

<%include include_header.html%>

Normally its something silly (or so I've found out previously Frown), so your best bet.. is to look at your most recent changes, and take a look at what you did. Hopefully that'll resolve it :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Category_Template In reply to
Thanks Andy,

I just duplicated the original category template so I'll take a good look at it and see what I can find.
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Re: [Alba] Category_Template In reply to
Found the answer- silly right enough!

You need to remove the top line from the normal category template.