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Category Sorting

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Category Sorting
Is it possible to place a specific category at the top of bottom of the list without using a "1 or A" at the front to be at the start or a "Z" to be at the end of the list?
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Re: [Teambldr] Category Sorting In reply to
I'll answer you here too Wink no escape for you...

In "Setup -> Build Options" you can select the field which is used to sort the categories, "build_category_sort".

What I did is just make a new field in the category table, called it "Category_Sort," and then set "build_category_sort" to "Category_Sort,Name". I can then manually set the sort order through the "Category_Sort" field. It works similar to the option "build_sort_order_category" for sorting links within a category.

Hope that helps.

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