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Category Clean Up

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Category Clean Up
Ok, I am starting to see that whenever I execute an SQL statement on one of my tables, this could have disasterous consequences on any number of the other tables. Unfortunatley this leaves me really wondering how to do a few things:
  • Moving Links - This has been discussed in the post: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/gforum/gforum.cgi?post=187169, and unfortunatly does not work because it causes the category counts to become incorrect.
  • Delete categories which contain zero links, do not have child directories and have a parent category with the title "Cites" for example. This is a common house keeping task for me, especially after an import. I get the feeling I cannot just DELETE FROM lsql_Category WHERE Number_of_Links=0 AND (somekind of check for the title of the parent category) as this would not adjust the other tables accordingly.
  • Removing duplicate links from the same category only, and when doing this keeping the link which has a user other than 'admin'. In otherwords only remove links which dont belong to a user! This is a big one for me, and I'd LOVE to know how to do this safely! This is also something I would like to see in the editor panel as an assigned privilledge. It stops editor removing links which belong to users ie don't give them delete privilleges per say, just this safe, remove duplicates from current directory function. Yes?

Other Wants (not necessarily needs) I am thinking about for house keeping, is:
  • Swear remover.... cgi which searches your link titles, descriptions and reviews for certain words and replaces them with symbols or whatever you specify... it. F*** could become F*** (if you get my drift)
  • Initial Capitals - "THE DOG IN THE HOUSE", "The dog in the House" etc becomes "The Dog in The House" just like word, or wordperfect does. I have seen a function for this in visual basic somewhere... but a cgi which goes through your Category titles and does this would be an excellent way of keeping your thousands of categories in good order, especially when editors are not always following your guidelines!

    If anyone has any solid methods for housekeeping links and categories with SQL (for time saving) I'd love to hear from you!

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