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Category Browser / Modifications:

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Category Browser / Modifications:
Hello Alex!

Working on the setup I had an idea which is the following:

It may be a good idea to add a Category level + Access rights fields to the table.


1 means the Main category.
2 means sub category

Advantage is that it can be easily represented in many applications, dynamic content and menu building.

Public, Private, Restricted, Paid, could be possibilities. By using the tags <%if then%> does not certainly help because it would have no affect anywhere except visibility.

Here acess by their group ID would be also an interesting thing.

Both above would mean an extremely important enhancement.

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rajani: Mar 31, 2002, 1:05 AM
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Re: [rajani] Category Browser / Modifications: In reply to

Yes, we are looking at adding more category and link flags such as Hidden, Visible, Enabled, etc. Security levels would definately fall into this.


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