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Categories with -1 links?

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Categories with -1 links?
Hello, I've created my catergories and added many of my existing links, however on checking through categories I am noticing that there are a few which have -1 links.

For example, I had a category called:
Education (-1)

On checking the Education sub categories, the "College and Universities" sub category also had (-1) links, therefore I deleted sub category "Colleges and Universities". Unfortunately, the Education category still had (-1) links beside it, even though there are no links. To resolve the problem I then deleted the Education category, including all sub categories since there were no actual links in this section and added all the categories again.

However the (-1) links are appearing in quite a few other areas of the site, many of which already have a large number of links in the sub categories, and I don't want to have to end up deleting all the categories and links and then adding them all again.

Is there a way to resolve this problem without deleting everything and starting from scratch for all the affected categories.
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Re: [smjohn] Categories with -1 links? In reply to
Repair Tables

to fix this.
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Re: [Alba] Categories with -1 links? In reply to
Thanks for your help, the Database/Repair Tables option has fixed the problem.