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Categories, in order by month ??

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Categories, in order by month ??
Hi all,

My first time here. I`m not a real webmaster, but I learn fast.

In my site, flexflicks.com, I am "categorizing" video clips of my female contortionists by month.
The problem is that these months do not appear in my site in any particular order !

Does anyone know how I can make the months appear chronologically ? Is there a way in "CATEGORIES"
to choose how they actually appear on my site ?

Many thanks,


Portsmouth, NH

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Re: [Videomike] Categories, in order by month ?? In reply to
Erm, what program are you using? This is the 'General' discussion forum, regarding GT as a company,. or the services that they offer, etc. You need to either use a product specific forum, or if its not related to a GT product, then one of the forums at the bottom of the pages (Perl or Internet Technologies).


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Videomike] Categories, in order by month ?? In reply to
If you are using Links SQL I believe you can specify sort orders in the admin panel.

If you are using another script you need to have a month column then simply use ORDER BY month ASC

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Paul: Dec 31, 2002, 7:24 AM