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Carrying tags over from Links to Reviews

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Carrying tags over from Links to Reviews
How can I make additional tags available on the Review templates? When you view the reviews of a link the "breadcrumbs" at the top of the screen disappear because <%title_linked%> is not available anymore. <%Title%> is still available though...

Clicking on a persons name to view all their Reviews and <%Title%> is not available anymore either!

Any suggestions?

Safe swoops
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Re: [sangiro] Carrying tags over from Links to Reviews In reply to
There are a few bugs here :) I'm also finding that d=1 is being crunched into an ARRAY=[insert line noise here] type of tag as well.

I have not dug into this enough to know if this is a bug, or a feature :)

As for the tags, I've had to do a bit of hacking here and there to make it work -- hence the detailed_page.cgi.

You might want to look at that, and cut the code out of that that generates the linked title. Here's the relevant code snippet....


my ($cat_id, $cat_name) = %{$LINKDB->get_categories ($link->{'ID'})}; ## Returns the category name & ID from link ID
$link->{'title_linked'} = Links::Build::build ('title_linked', "$cat_name/$link->{Title}");
## Fix up the HTML references
my ($begin, $url, $output); ## setting up for a very, very complicated regex, taken from Links.pm clean_output
$link->{'title_linked'} =~ s!(<a[^>]+href\s*=\s*["']*)$CFG->{build_root_url}/?([^"'>]*)!
($begin, $url) = ($1, $2);
$output = "$1$CFG->{db_cgi_url}/page.cgi?g=" . $IN->escape($2);

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