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Bulk mail problem... Solution

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Bulk mail problem... Solution
For those of you who have problems sending bulk emails (newsletter etc.) ther is a solution. My ISP does not allow the sending of bulk email and suggested I install Postcast Server on my own computer. http://www.postcastserver.com/

For security reasons, it is essential to restrict the acceptance of emails to your own domain name or IP address within the programme.

Enter your own computer's IP address in the SMTP path within Links SQL.

REMAINING PROBLEM... My own computer is not permanantly connected so I need to keep changing the path to email within Links SQL settings. Can anyone offer a coding solution to this? individual emails as in User Signup to go via sendmail and bulk mailings to all go via Postcast Server.

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I have similar issues with my bulkmailer. I ended up writing my own newsletter pluging, thats good for me, but right now it is not releasable to anyone else, as it is specific to my plugins etc.

I am/was planning a release for sale if enough people were interested in this. Whilst it may not be as sophisticated as a fancy mailer, I can preview, test and send html newsletters based on a template, and autoinserted live data such as top lists and information from my plugins.

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