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Building to wrong category

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Building to wrong category
I'm stumped. I moved some sub-categories around and now Links is building the pages to categories with a space added at the end for some but not all of the categories I changed.

For instance... I have a main category called Premiership. I moved a few sub-categories out and moved a few new ones in (it's a football site.. it was to reflect the end of season promotions and relegations)

Links is building the index.html page into Premiership (correct) but is then building all the sub-categories into Premiership_ which of course messes up the whole structure. Premiership_ doesn't exist as a category when searched for.

This has not happened to all the main categories I changed, just some. I can't spot any differences.

I'm using Links SQL 2.0.4

Any help appreciated Thanks
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Re: [Triffid] Building to wrong category In reply to
Run repair on the database, see if that helps.

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Re: [pugdog] Building to wrong category In reply to
I've run 'Repair Tables' if that's what you mean, with no effect. I have always had to run that anyway before each build to update the 'New' images.

Also tried Resync database but which usually cures a problem but not this time. It's the first time I've had any trouble for a year so I'm a bit lost now Frown
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Re: [Triffid] Building to wrong category In reply to

I've seen this before on some imports. Here are some SQL queries you can run to manually fix things:

UPDATE Category SET Name = TRIM(Name), Full_Name = TRIM(Full_Name)

and then do a repair tables. If that doesn't work, try:

UPDATE Category SET Full_Name = REPLACE(Full_Name, " /", "/")

and see if that fixes it.

As always, be sure to backup your database, before making any changes through the sql monitor.


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