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Building pages in page-name.html rather then /Page/name.html

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Building pages in page-name.html rather then /Page/name.html
Hi there,
I've seen links sql in action in a couple of pages and it was building the categories like this: domain.com/category.html, instead of domain.com/Category/index.html

I was wondering how do I set it up to do that, I was having a look around and I couldn't figure it out.
Please help :) Thank you
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Re: [13th] Building pages in page-name.html rather then /Page/name.html In reply to

I seem to remember, this is only available in GLinks (3.0.1+), not LinksSQL. You just have to set the build category field in setup, and then add a new field to the glinks_Category table - and then it will build there.


Andy (mod)
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