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Building Problems

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Building Problems
Three questions (beta5)-
1. Enerytime I open the Links SQL Admin. it automaticly builds all html pages. How do I turn this off so it only builds pages when I want it to?

2. Where do I change the font tags for the category display on home.html

3. I want to produce the details page dymanicly from a template. I was able to achieve this in 1.15 with the suggestion Alex404 made http:// http://gossamer-threads.com/perl/forum/showflat.pl?ubb=000321:Forum9
<a href="<96db_cgi_url96>/page.cgi?g=/Detailed/<%ID%>.html"><96Title96> but it dosen't work in beta5 unless I build static detail pages. I either have the call tag wrong, or the program settings... or both Tongue