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Build and import overload with Linkssql 2.2.1

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Build and import overload with Linkssql 2.2.1
I have to go into shell and kill both build and import (restore from backup). They are not ending when it is showing in the browser that the import (or restore) is finished. This has caused some major issues on my server this week. That and the fact that build is taking up 60-75% of my cpu memory and resources. (I have 1 gig of memory on my server). I have fastcgi running. I can't complete a build all on a database of 350,000 links at all, it grinds the server to a complete halt.

I'd also like to add that build changed staggered would be a huge help, as well as build staggered available in shell.

This site is a heavily modded 2.2.1 so I can't upgrade to 3.0 and from the sounds of another thread, there are issues with the build in 3.0 also.

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loxly: Apr 17, 2005, 10:30 AM
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Re: [loxly] Build and import overload with Linkssql 2.2.1 In reply to
Are you sure the browser is saying that the build or import is finished when the process is still going as you say ? You may just be getting CGI timeout issues.

I would not be building this many links through the browser anyway. I would run build all through the shell once fully and then run build changed daily in a cron job unless you are making the odd template mods.

Also, have you tried running build repair ? Is that running through ok ? Sorry if I didn't quite understand your problems there.

Peter Puglisi
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rocco: Apr 18, 2005, 7:32 AM
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Re: [rocco] Build and import overload with Linkssql 2.2.1 In reply to
Yes, the restore stated it finished, with the "Run Repair Tables" etc. I also have restored many many times and know what to look for Smile. I am now using shell, and it is not able to complete the build on a database with 400,000 links, mot detail pages. Repair tables finishes, but pretty much grinds the server to a halt while it is running.

Is there a way to allocate only a certain amount of resources to a particular script? I was under the impression that linkssql could easily run with a lot more than 400,000 links.