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Build Problem

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Build Problem
Help, on the server that I am using Links SQL is giving the following error and I am unsure how to resolve it.

A fatal error has occured:
Can't call method "fetchall_hashref" on an undefined value at (eval 6) line 79.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

If any one can help please tell me what I should do.

Charles Gruver
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Re: [cgruver] Build Problem In reply to
Can you enable debugging, and then post the error message (possible in a separate file as an attachment)? That might help. It's difficult otherwise to guess what's going on.

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Re: [cgruver] Build Problem In reply to
I get the same error message sometimes, but then I just press build again. and again, and again until it finally builds the pages.
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Re: [bannerzone] Build Problem In reply to
Same again, enable debugging, and let us see what it says. That way we can see if its something up with your database, or something else thats screwed Wink The hashref error could mean literally one of a million things! ;)

Andy (mod)
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