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Build Error

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Build Error
When I try to Build All, I've this error, somebody can help me ???

Started at Thu Jun 10 20:09:43 2004.

Creating backup file ...
A fatal error has occured:GT::SQL::Table (10358): Invalid table name 'backup_settings_database.txt'. at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Import/S2BK.pm line 114.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details.
Stack Trace
Links (10358): Links::environment called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/Links.pm line 524 with no arguments.
Links (10358): Links::fatal called at GT::Base::error line 381 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Table (10358): Invalid table name 'backup_settings_database.txt'. at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Import/S2BK.pm line 114.
Links (10358): GT::Base::error called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Table.pm line 1022 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Table=HASH(0x85a049c), BADNAME, FATAL, backup_settings_database.txt).
Links (10358): GT::SQL::Table::name called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Table.pm line 69 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Table=HASH(0x85a049c), backup_settings_database.txt).
Links (10358): GT::SQL::Table::new called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Base.pm line 122 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Table, name, backup_settings_database.txt, connect, HASH(0x840bed4), debug, 0, _err_pkg, GT::SQL::Table).
Links (10358): GT::SQL::Base::new_table called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Base.pm line 63 with arguments
(GT::SQL=HASH(0x840be20), backup_settings_database.txt).
Links (10358): GT::SQL::Base::table called at /home/public_html/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Import/S2BK.pm line 114 with arguments
(GT::SQL=HASH(0x840be20), backup_settings_database.txt).
Links (10358): Links::Import::S2BK::import called at nph-build.cgi line 302 with arguments
(HASH(0x828f538), CODE(0x81df65c), CODE(0x81df710), CODE(0x81df770), CODE(0x81df80c)).
Links (10358): main::_build_backup called at nph-build.cgi line 110 with no arguments.
Links (10358): main::build_changed called at nph-build.cgi line 38 with no arguments.
Links (10358): main::main called at nph-build.cgi line 29 with no arguments.

Thanks in Advance
Bye From Italy
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Re: [fabio] Build Error In reply to
You need to setup the database backup stuff in Auto_Backup. Should be as simple as that :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Build Error In reply to
can U check on my admin andy ???

Thanks in Advance
Bye From Italy
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Re: [fabio] Build Error In reply to
Nothing, setup the database backup in Auto_Backup done, but it's the same

Thanks in Advance
Bye From Italy
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Re: [fabio] Build Error In reply to
To solve temporaney this problem I've removed this cod from S2BK.pm located at cgi-bin/admin/Links/Import and attached at this ppst

for my $t (@tables) {
import_print "Exporting $prefix$t ...\n";
print EXPORT_FH "\\\\ The following is table $t".($prefix ? " (from prefixed table $prefix$t)" : "")."\0";
print EXPORT_FH "$t\0";
my $table = $DB->table($t);
print EXPORT_FH $delimiter; # The first character on this line is the delimiter
local ($a,$b);
print EXPORT_FH join($delimiter, sort { $table->{schema}{cols}{$a}{pos} <=> $table->{schema}{cols}{$b}{pos} } map BK_escape($_,$delimiter), keys %{$table->cols}),"\0";
my $count = $table->count;
my $sth;
my $printed = 0;
for my $i (0 .. $count/1000) {
$sth = $table->prepare("SELECT * FROM $prefix$t LIMIT ".($i * 1000).", 1000") or critical "Unable to prepare query `SELECT * FROM $prefix$t LIMIT ".($i * 1000).", 1000': ".$sth->errstr;
while (my $row = $sth->fetchrow_arrayref) {
print EXPORT_FH join($delimiter, map BK_escape($_,$delimiter), @$row),"\0";
unless (++$printed % 500) {
import_print "$printed records from $prefix$t exported ...\n";
import_print "$printed records from $prefix$t exported.\n",
"All records from $prefix$t have been exported.\n\n";
close EXPORT_FH;

Thanks in Advance
Bye From Italy