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Build Detailed Pages Slow

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Build Detailed Pages Slow
This didn't happen before I went to 2.0.5, but when I build detailed pages it takes forever and seems to hang on the first one. It's actually building them, but the web page is not showing that to me. When I check with FTP they have been updated, usually.

The build process used to take minutes, now it takes a long time. Any idea where I can look to fix it?

I've checked some posts about subclass { Links::Links} in the def file.. mine seems fine.

I've tried to change the extension from .html to .shtml.

I've repaired the tables and sync'd up the def file.

Not sure what is holding it up.
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Re: [OnlineMlm] Build Detailed Pages Slow In reply to
I figured it out, finally. It was the debug_level under Setup | Misc Options. I had it set to 1. When I set it back to 0 the build works like normal.