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Bug with validation in 2.0Final

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Bug with validation in 2.0Final
With previous versions there was a validation bug that wiped out the category field after the first screen of validations was completed. This could be "fixed" by clicking on validate links once again.

I have now noticed that the final release is actually even worse. After validating one screen of links, the category fields from the first screen are just copied over to the next screen. =P This is not a very good fix considering that it is very unlikely that the categories would ever be the same from page to page. The good news is that the "real" category fields can be restored by clicking on the validate links link for future validation pages.

Rob Bartlett
AAA Internet Publishing, Inc.
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Re: Bug with validation in 2.0Final In reply to

Thanks! You can fix this in Links/Tools.pm sub validate_links (line 531) add:

# Clear our cgi so we don't cause conflicts.
$html->{input} = {};


# Process any actions.
my $results = _validate ($db);

and you will be fine.



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