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Bug with Mod_Date ?!

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Bug with Mod_Date ?!
Normally i choose a link to mod and get the form for it.
Inside the form the field mod_date is filled with the aktual date.
If i want to change it for some reasons, i can do so and the link is saved to the table with the date i have entered.
Cause im working at a more comfortable sorting (for every cat an own rule of sorting)
i insert three links with today┤s date. Then i changed them to 2/28 (2/28); 2/27 (2/27); 2/26 (2/26)

but i got this:

2/28 (2/28); 2/27 (2/28); 2/26 (2/28)

* means add_date (mod_date)

So it seems to me that LSQL enters today┤s date every time and not the value i want.


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Robert: Feb 28, 2002, 6:54 AM
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Re: [Robert] Bug with Mod_Date ?! In reply to

Links SQL automatically updates Mod_Date when you change a link (reflecting the last time it was modified). I'm not sure if there is an easy way around this, I'll have to take a look.


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Re: [Alex] Bug with Mod_Date ?! In reply to
I've thought about this before... and usually, I modify one link, so I can use an SQL statement to change the date.

Maybe from the point of view of a "fix" to links, it would require a check-box parameter "Update" next to the mod_date where if_checked (default) the date is updated on save, otherwise, the date is left to be what is in the text field.

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Re: [Alex] Bug with Mod_Date ?! In reply to

I have this need as well. Did you discover a way to keep LSQL from manually updating that field?