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Bug in "Build Changed" ?

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Bug in "Build Changed" ?
I get this error, when i want to Build Changed:

Started at Thu Feb 22 09:05:23 2001.

Creating backup file ...
Done (6.00 s)

Resetting hits and rates ...
Done (7.00 s)

Updating New Flags ...
Done (1.00 s)

Updating Changed Flags ...
A fatal error has occured:GT::SQL::Table (19359): Wrong argument passed to this subroutine. Usage: _build_cond takes only a condition, array ref, or hash ref. Not: '' at (eval 9) line 40.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

When i am build everything, it is ok...


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Re: Bug in "Build Changed" ? In reply to
I've never had that problem so it's probably not a bug.

Also, did you notice that it told you to enable debugging in setup? If you do that and try to Build Changed again, you'll get an error message with more details. If you post the details here you're also more likely to get help.

Another tip: be sure to turn debugging off after you're done with it or your log files will fill up with the detailed error messages.

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Re: Bug in "Build Changed" ? In reply to

This should have been fixed in 2.0.2. Are you using that version? If not, you should only see this error once per day. Just click on Build Changed again and it should work.



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