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Browser mode: avoid confirmation

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Browser mode: avoid confirmation
Imagine you want to quickly delete many items of this category (because you have been lazy for weeks and now want to do the job asap)...

you then have to delete or validate or... manually each link and for each link you get this annoying confirmation page...

wouldn't it be handy to have the option to do it directly? wouldn't be handy to have e.g., a checkbox after each entry and a "delete all" or "move all" at the end of the page to bulk delete, move, copy, validate etc.?

I had added that feature on another script I have for e.g., deleting in bulk or delting and banning users etc... check it out here

That is surely I feature I am missing a LOT

What do you think? Wink
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Re: [factures] Browser mode: avoid confirmation In reply to
Good idea, I've added this to our possible future features list. For now, you could always use the admin delete to delete more than one link at a time.


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