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Browser Tree - BUG

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Browser Tree - BUG

I've just found a bug with the browser tree code (javascript).

If you have copied a link to another category and then delete that link, not all folder 'link' counts are updated that the link was contained in - only the category that you delete the link from.

You can duplicate the bug like this:

1. copy a link to a new category (outside of the existing category branch)
2. delete the link from within either category
3. bug - the link count on the other category is not udpated

problem javascript is within the "browser_link_move" template.

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Re: [ryel01] Browser Tree - BUG In reply to
Actually, looking at the browser code it appears that's how it's meant to work. Unimpressed

"Deleting" a link inside a category (via the category browser) will not actually delete the link entirely from the system if it's also in another category (copied).

If the link is in NO other categories, then it WILL be deleted entirely.