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Broken GT Documentation?

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Broken GT Documentation?
Is there something wrong with my version of documentation for GT?

I am talking about the online html documentation served through Help:

There are more blank pages here than there are that actually contain any text,
and it is very frustrating. Is it suppossed to be like this?

Why give me a pain-in-the-ass, un-resizable left frame with 1/2 of the items
link to blank pages? Did I mention that it is very frustrating <g>

Also, why do I have my own version of the docs? and are they current?

It just seems to me that there is something wrong and that the docs
shouldn't need to run through my install of GLinks. Is this weird?

Thanks and sorry for the complaint.

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Re: [rgbworld] Broken GT Documentation? In reply to
Those pages are blank because those modules don't have any pods in them. I just updated our packager to remove these empty docs.

As for the 'currentness' of the docs - the html is generated from the pods in the modules, so the docs are they're the latest docs. However, a lot of the time, we add features to a module and forget to update the pod, so it's best you check out the module itself if you don't find what you want in the pod.