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Bolding problem

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Bolding problem
if using not english linksql version,

setup the search option bolding is "ON" , when input the single word like " n " then searching ,

<-- before is make the stopwords global , %stopwords is " n "

ref = http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=193625 --alex >

the search result is can't %stopwords at " n " and will print

something like html format " ?font color=#ff0000>n " near the not english words,

if setup search option bolding is "OFF" , print the result will no format problem ,

but it is still don't have %stopwords at " n "

so, i want someone can teach me how to do it, is can make sure stopwords A-Z or

can be print bolding on the not english words result is without ugly format, thank much

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Re: [PDK1999] Bolding problem In reply to
Someone can reply for me of this subject answer? Unsure

please give me help.