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Beta 3.x upgrade issues tips/tricks/etc

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Beta 3.x upgrade issues tips/tricks/etc
I've done two installs, (well, more, but only on two sites). One was a clean install, I'm building up to hopefully look like my basic template system.
The other was an upgrade. The upgrade has not gone well at all. That's another story.

This thread should be for Tips/Tricks to get past upgrade issues -- not bug reports, or other stuff.

But, I was able to get my old template set to finally run on 3.0. The error messages were quite poor, and even with debug on it was fairly cryptic, but I had a global in the home.html that was making a request to the modified database (but of course the database had not yet been modified) so it was bombing, hard.

A suggestion, if you have problems, is disable your globals.txt file temporarily by renaming it, or deleting it (with backup, of course). You'll get "unknown tag" errors, in the template but you won't die, or bomb out on perl eval errors.

The template errors at least are visible, and can be handled. The other errors are sometimes obscure.

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