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Beta 2.0 Fatal error.

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Beta 2.0 Fatal error.
I am not sure If I did something wrong or not. Most likely I am to blame. Anyways I have installed everything. I ran the install.cgi. It worked fine. I copied the template files and then ran setup.cgi . It worked ok too. All features of the admin are there. I can view most screens but If I try to build pages or click on dynamic I get a fatal error. It then promts me to activate the debug feature.

Here is a text link to the info displayed.


If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Dan O

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Re: Beta 2.0 Fatal error. In reply to
something didn't go right in your import. There is a missing column FatherID.

I'm having problems with Dynamic now as well. Something was changed from the 12-04 beta to todays. Maybe Alex will explain it shortly.

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Re: Beta 2.0 Fatal error. In reply to
I have tried tinkering with the mess that I have to no avail. I have discovered one big mistake that I have made. I made a backup copy of all of the links sql on a cd. But I did not run an import/export backup of the defs.

Result being that now my categories are missing on the original version. Not sure yet what else might be missing.

So for all other rookies out there be sure to run a import/export backup.

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Re: Beta 2.0 Fatal error. In reply to

What has most likely happened is you had Links SQL 1.x running. You installed the new version, and did the default options which is to _not_ overwrite any SQL tables. So now you have a mix of Links SQL 2.x tables and Links SQL 1.x tables.

The best solution is to use the prefix and put some prefix for your table names like 'new'. Then your tables will be called newLinks instead of Links and won't conflict.

I'm going to make the setup a lot better in recognizing this and add some better docs.



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Re: Beta 2.0 Fatal error. In reply to
Yes this is exactly what happend. Early this morning I fixed my mistakes that I caused in 1.11. Then I restarted and named a whole new database. Then It worked ok. Except I lost categories and links during the import.

Dan Oakeson