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Beta2 Questions

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Beta2 Questions
Hello there

I have been playing with the new version for a while it looks great. I still have few questions for now:
1- How do you access the editors database and assign categories to them?
2- How do you create alt category? ( I wanna place some links in different category without having a dublicate link showing up).
3- Alex mentioned in a previous thread that the editor name tag will be available in the SQL 2 templetes, I could not find the right one yet.
4- Is there a way in add.cgi to make the drop down menu of categories available to choose from.
I mean that the user does not have to be in the exact directory to add his/her link.

That is all what i have so far.
Another issue some of my user are having is recieving an error message:

Unable to auto-create user: username. Reason: The column 'Status' must be unique, and already has an entry 'Not Validated'.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

any idea what is this? It only comes with registered users.


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Re: Beta2 Questions In reply to

1. Go to the category browser, pick what category you want an editor to control, and click on Editors. Enter the username for the editor (needs to already exist) and then pick what rights the user can have. That's it.

2. Go to the category browser. Find your link and click copy, then click the other category you want it in. Alternatively, edit the link and select the categories you want (it's a multiple select box).

3. It's not yet available, but will be.

4. Yes, set db_gen_category_list in Build Options to Yes.

I'll have to look into the auto-create issue, sounds like a bug. =)



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