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Best way to set the web root as links front page ?

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Best way to set the web root as links front page ?

i've setup links sql in a subdirectory of my website, so I can work on it without users seing what i'm doing.

Once all is setup, I plan to have the static index of links as my site main web front page.
Should I simply change the path of the build in the config to my web root, build all, and earease the old static directory ? Is this how it should be handled ?

A problem is that my host won't allow the web root directory /www to be chmoded to 777 !


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brakkar: May 5, 2003, 7:10 PM
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Re: [brakkar] Best way to set the web root as links front page ? In reply to
Best way is with apache mod_rewrite, and rewrite rules.

These may be enabled in your .htaccess files, and you can redirect to the subdirectory.

Another way is to use sym links, from your home directory, to link to the index.html of the links build directory. Once linked, this should work. I used that method prior to using rewrite rules (before I switched from static to dynamic sites).

Now that I run dynamic sites, I use the rewrite rules to alias any request to the main directory, or just a domain name, or error page, to the .../page.cgi script.

http://betterbeads.com, http://postcards.com, http://pugs.net, etc all use the rewrite rules to do that.

Rewrite rules are much more flexible if you can use them.

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