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Best search driver?

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Best search driver?

Any ideas about which search drive will give me best performance (fastest search results). Will it be a better option to use MYSQL instead of INTERNAL? Which search drive will re index the database fastest?

I'm using the latest version of Links sql + mod perl and Redhat 7.2 with software raid5 running on a dual pentium III 733, 512 MB of RAM.

All the best, Soobe!
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Re: [soobe] Best search driver? In reply to

The MYSQL driver will give you better performance and does not require reindexing (MySQL maintains the index tables itself), however we have been disapointed in the quality of the results. It does not search on words < 4 characters and it can't do phrase searching. I'd give it a try though and see if you like the results. MySQL 4.1 is meant to give a huge improvement in this respect, and as soon as its stable, we'll have Links SQL ready to make use of it.

INTERNAL will give you fast results on large databases and is the most flexible in terms of search options. If you do need to reindex, it can take a while though.

Hope that helps,

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