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Something occured to me.

Looking in my backups directories, there are none.

Backups should default to "on", and they need to include the CatLink table as well, now, since without it there is no relation between category and link.

Also, since many sites may well be dynamically generated, and the backup is triggered on a build, some mechanism has to be added for that.

Perhaps a cron job, installed when the system is set up?

Or maybe run the backup the first time the system is accessed in any calendar day, etc.

People will expect there to be a backup, and when there isn't, it's too late to figure out why.

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Yup, this hasn't been forgotten. Clicking on Import/Export from Database gives you the option to backup your database and restore from backup. This doesn't work 100% yet, but will. You can also run this from shell, and it will run from build automatically. =)



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