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BUG: Import with "straight"

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BUG: Import with "straight"

It looks like if there are "validate" records and the 'Straight Import' is on, there is a problem when the ID of the Validate record matches an ID of a link (or vice versa). The obvious solution is to to import the Validate records last, and ignore the "ID", putting "modify" records n the Chanages table, and 'new' links in the Links table.


suggestion 1: Widows and orphan checking! Categories and links without parents.

Suggestion 2: An admin script that can be run from telnet, that will switch Links over to SpeedyCGI/mod_perl and vice versa. Should be trivial, but should also solve a lot of problems people are having.

hmm... there was a third picky nit and I can't remember what it was... I did a lot of catching up on sleep yesterday, but I'm still a day or two behind :)

I remember!

Suggestion 3: In the admin, allow "not empty" as one of the options to search for Like/Exact/Non-Null Sometimes what you want to do is find all the records that have a certain field filled out in some random way.

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Hi Pugdog,

Number 1 has been fixed, and number 3 has been implemented. We are looking at number 2, but doubt it will be in the next update.

I'm still debugging the table editor and fixing a few bugs, but the next update should be out tommorrow, or monday at the latest.



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