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Auto additions is it possible

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Auto additions is it possible
Over the past 3 or 4 days at 5 minute intervals will over
1000 additions have been made to the new addition queue.

These are all from various sites in Germany of all types
clean and porno and all seem to emulate from the same ISP.
I have written to the ISP and they say they are not responsible as does various web site owners.

We have 2.04 online so my question is can someone by pass the normal 'add' procedure as I went so far as to _remove_
ADD.CGI yesterday. I have put it back today but set Log-In required but still these additions are coming at roughly 5 minutes intervals.

Is there anyway to delete all these additions without resorting to the Validate option.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: [balita] Auto additions is it possible In reply to

Do you have log in required turned on? If so, what is the Linkowner set to for these new additions (go to Database->Validate Links and look at a new one and see what LinkOwner is equal to).

If they are all the same user, you can delete all the links at once by just deleting the user.


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Re: [Alex] Auto additions is it possible In reply to
Alex ... thanks for your reply. I did not turn log-in on until late in the day. After hundreds of posts. What worried me more was I removed ADD.CGI and still they were able to make additions. Whether it is because of Christmas I don't know but I only had 3 or 4 additions today.

Yesterday I did put the ADD.CGI back and then switched on log-in.

All the best to Alex and all for Christmas

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Re: [balita] Auto additions is it possible In reply to

Without absolutely any headaches you could add UNIQUE property in URL field of the links table and it will stop all the multiple submissions of the same site.

To prevent auto submission of single URLs you could have a look at my website where you find a three steps submission process.

If you use add.cgi as only one step then the referer is still open somehow, which I do not understand. Because add.cgi needs to be called from the server itself and that is given as an environment variable it prevents this completely. If you have add1.cgi + add2.cgi and if add1.cgi is submitted to add2.cgi, where add2.cgi checks the referer environment through add1.cgi from the server itself, thats the only way you can prevent the referer, conceptually speaking.

This does not allow auto submissions.