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Auto Suggest Category

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Auto Suggest Category
I tried to contact support....I was told they are not planning to have this important feature in LinkSQL... Anyone knows or are using this feature...

--> User able to suggest new Category if he thinks that his link need one while adding.

... also I am not very Knowledgeable with database or perl... so looking for a simple way to do it.

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Re: [nice010] Auto Suggest Category In reply to
Here's a simple suggestion:

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Re: [afinlr] Auto Suggest Category In reply to
well is their any step by step procedure to implement that as I don't know How to achieve that & what files to modify?



Did you want them to be able to actually suggest a category, or dynamically create it? If it is the first one...just create a new field called 'desired_category', and then they can enter their desired new category in there. Then when you go to validate the link, you can decide if you want to create that new category.

Hope that helps Tongue