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Auto Build All

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Auto Build All
OK, I sort of want my Links SQL to be on AutoPilot. I want it to be like every time a new link is added, it automatically does Build All. Can anybody please tell me how to do this?


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Andys Auto Backup should do this pretty easy..and well worth the money.

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Re: [kvnband] Auto Build All In reply to
Hi. My Cron_Manager will enable you to setup the build process times very easily (just say if you want it to build daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc).

Details on my Cron_Manager plugin can be found here: http://new.linkssql.net/...mp;page=Cron_Manager

If you are looking at doing 'core backups' too... then my Auto_Backup plugin would probably be of use to you. More details on it can be found here: http://new.linkssql.net/...amp;page=Auto_Backup


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