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Apache2, mod_perl2, and Links

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Apache2, mod_perl2, and Links
Hi, I'm trying to get LinksSQL working on my machine. It's RedHat 9, which comes with Apache 2.0.40-21.3, and mod_perl-1.99_07-5 right out of the box. (I read in another thread that there was "no compelling reason" to upgrade to Apache2, etc, but RedHat is now shipping with it, so I guess that's what I've got).

There are quite a few differences in the mod_perl implementation between version 1 and version 2. What changes will need to be made to LinksSQL to work under mod_perl2? Configuration directives are different, modules are named differently, etc. It didn't run for me right away. (CGI.pm kept complaining about not finding Apache.pm) I patched a couple of things together and got it to display the admin install script, and I finished that, but most of the pages are coming back as plain text (I can see the html code), rather than as formatted pages. Something ain't right.

Any ideas? I'd be happy to let GT install this, but my machine has only SFTP enabled and I didn't see a way to let you know that. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be installing this on Redhat 9...

And BTW, will the change to MySQL 4 cause any problems for Links, too? MySQL is now labelling 4 as the 'production' version.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: [dj-web] Apache2, mod_perl2, and Links In reply to

Well is too late to response but i setup my environment with:
- linux box: gentoo linux
- apache-2.0.48
- mod_perl 1.99.11
- perl v5.8.0
- mysql 4.0.16

here some tips:

apache setup added to commonapache2.conf:
# alias section
ScriptAlias /url-to-links/ /real-path/
# Directory section
<Directory /real-path>
Allow from All
AllowOverride All
Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews ExecCGI
Order allow,deny

<IfModule mod_access.c>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
# locaction section
<Location /url-to-links/*.cgi>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlResponseHandler Apache::PerlRun
Options -Indexes +ExecCGI
PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
PerlSendHeader On

The rest are the same steps to install links sql.

some links to helpfull:

good luck!
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