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Anyone done a responsive Bootstrap template conversion?

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Anyone done a responsive Bootstrap template conversion?
Hey All,

Been ages since I tinkered with GLinks, just wondering if there are any bootstrap-enabled templates out there anyone might be willing to share. Looking to bring in whatever bootstrap theme but have the basic display pages be universally responsive independent of the particular theme/template, if that makes sense?


Matt G
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Re: [Matt G] Anyone done a responsive Bootstrap template conversion? In reply to

I've done a lot for clients, but I'm afraid I can't share them. I have some themes I created a while back, but they are not responsive. TBH, you are probably best just starting on one yourself. They are not that hard to do. The attached is a design I did back in 2007 (so pretty old!), but it has all the main templates you need in it. What I'd suggest is making a basic design yourself, and then once you have it created as a HTML page, you can go about splitting it into the header/footer, and then finally tweak the main templates to use this new header / footer.

Hope that helps!

Andy (mod)
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