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Anyone able to use Google AdWords ?

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Anyone able to use Google AdWords ?
Hi, just wondering if anyone able to use "Google AdWords" successfully in LinkSQL 3.x (luna) on SIDE BARS.

if yes, can you share what steps you took show up correctly?

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Re: [jasy007] Anyone able to use Google AdWords ? In reply to
Just wapped in a DIV and it worked fine.

Make sure you did not mis-match div tags when you made the side bar visible.

Also, make sure you have the sidebar WIDE enough.


shows what I've done, just set that up.

Google has been playing with their ads, and sometimes the 160x600 sidebars (what I've noticed) get cut off at the bottom. It's not a template thing, it's got to be code from Google, since it happens only randomly. Their served code may be taller than 600. I've seen problems with <iframes> doing the same in some affiliate codes.

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Re: [jasy007] Anyone able to use Google AdWords ? In reply to
Are you using the latest luna templates (or at least 3.0.2+)? If you look at the 3.0.2 changelog, we made a small fix to the templates to correct the issue where Google ads would spill over the footer if the content area wasn't long enough.

Remember to look at the template diffs after each upgrade so you can integrate the changes into your customised templates.

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Re: [jasy007] Anyone able to use Google AdWords ? In reply to
You may want to think about putting google ads in the link listings (category.html template) as well as a sidebar as I've found this to produce better results.

You can take a look at how I blended these in at www.internet-web-directory.com.

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