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Any "how to" on using MySQLMan for layman

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Any "how to" on using MySQLMan for layman
We are currently in the process of changing servers, taking along two separate installations of Links SQL, one that is running v1.13 and one using v.2.01. We will be installing v2.03 for both installations on the new server, but I am not sure I know what to do about getting the databases over there. Based on my perusing this forum, it seems like I *have* to use MySQLMan. Is this so? And, if it is, has anyone written a setp-by-step tutorial on how to do this? If not, can someone point me to some sort of documentation or provide a set of process steps?

Thank you kindly.

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Re: Any "how to" on using MySQLMan for layman In reply to
Using MySQLMan is a straightforward web emulerator application that is easier to use than command line codes.

What you need to do is the following:

1) SQLDUMP both databases. (Click on the SQLDump Link.)
2) Save the DUMP to a file in your server. The file should be saved as db.mysql or db.txt.
3) Download the files from your server to your local harddrive.
4) Then execute the files in your new server.

That is about it.


Eliot Lee