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Another Update..

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Another Update..
I've put up another update. If you were having troubles with the previous version please try this one.

Major changes are:

- Install script that works from telnet. Will unarchive, set path to perl, set lib directory and set permissions properly for all files.
- Plugin system got overhauled. Now includes an authoring tool to easily create new plugins. Docs are on the way!
- LWP like module. You can now connect to gossamer-threads.com to view a list of plugins, and compare your version with the version online, and download/update as neccessary all without leaving your admin.
- New Tar module to handle tar files. Plugins can contain as many files as needed, all in one download.
- Setup a lot smoother.
- A little documentation work.
- Lots and lots of bug fixes, code cleanups, etc.

I'm working hard on getting the editor done, and we should have another update for friday.



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