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Alpha9 Import Error

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Alpha9 Import Error
Alex, When I attempt to run import.cgi I encounter the following errors:-

syntax error at /home/sites/site12/web/cgi-bin/lsqldev/admin/import.cgid line 143, near ") for "
syntax error at /home/sites/site12/web/cgi-bin/lsqldev/admin/import.cgid line 152, near ") for "
syntax error at /home/sites/site12/web/cgi-bin/lsqldev/admin/import.cgid line 157, near ") for "
Execution of /home/sites/site12/web/cgi-bin/lsqldev/admin/import.cgid aborted due to compilation errors.

Any ideas??

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Re: Alpha9 Import Error In reply to

We've fixed this up, it is an issue with older versions of perl.



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