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Advert Pro Problem

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Advert Pro Problem
I'm liking Advertpro so far, but I have a problem in the build it does on my directory. Even though I have multiple banners assigned to the campaign, LSQL always shows the same banner and doesn't rotate through them at all.

For instance, I have a general campaign in which I have 82 different banners. Each banner is set to a 1:1 weight which gives it a 1.23%. I have this assigned to region 1. In the plugin on LSQL. I have several different categories of my directory assigned to region 1 and the general campaign.

All of those categories, then put only 1 of the 82 banners in each of them and it is the same banner. Any thoughts on how I can get this banner to rotate out? I hope you don't tell me I have to build my directory dynamically, i really need the static build so other search engines will index it.

Thanks in advance for any help.