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Admin Links wrong

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Admin Links wrong
Version: 2.0.0-beta1

After installing most things work great, but some of the links in the Admin tool after a build, do not go to the pages. ie:

Building Home Page ...
Done (1.00 s)

Building What's New Index ...
Building Subpage: 2000-12-08 ... 2 links ok.

These links, "Home Page", "What's New Index" go to:

but I defined the path to the pages as:


and the path to the cgi-bin as


it's using the cgi-bin path it seems.

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Re: Admin Links wrong In reply to
The answer to my post of course is to change "build_root_url" path, but shouldn't it default to the path selected for the pages? That's what I would have expected.

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Re: Admin Links wrong In reply to
There is a problem with the setup. I think the only way around it is to ask one more question on setup for the path to the pages directory as well as the url to it.

It's always a good thing to check the setup variables very carefully before running it.

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Re: Admin Links wrong In reply to

Pugdog is right. A lot of people skip right by the build_root_url in the setup.cgi because the path has already been default correctly. I'll probably end up putting it in install.cgi so people don't miss it. =)



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