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Adding column question.

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Adding column question.

I created a column that is exposed to the user as a set of radio buttons. I got it to work fine in both the Admin 'Modify Link' page and in the User 'add a link' page.

When I say I got it to work, I mean that the forms work properly where it display the current value in the database field and it successfully updates the database field.


My problem is with the User's 'modify a link' page; the form values entered don't seem to take ...

This is strange to me since the 'modify a link' page and the 'add new link' page both use the 'include include_form.html' .

Any ideas why this problem maybe occuring?

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Re: [kajukenbokid] Adding column question. In reply to
Forget it ... it was the security of the system .. ooops! Blush