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Adding Most Popular Links to Home Page

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Adding Most Popular Links to Home Page
I've searched and searched and searched for this ..... and am sure someone has come up with an answer...

I would like to display my 10 most popular links on my homepage from ALL categories. Is there a global I can use to do this?

I would only want to list the Title of the Link together (with the embedded jump.cgi URL).


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Re: [Clint] Adding Most Popular Links to Home Page In reply to
Try the Top 5 global at:


and look for

  • Displaying Popular Links - A global that will display the links in your database that have accumulated the most hits.

    Use the following in your templates:


    <%loop top5_loop%>

    <li><a class="link" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>" target="_blank"><%Title%></a>

    With <%Hits%> Hits.</li>


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