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Adding A Mobile Version

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Adding A Mobile Version
Hey. Gonna add a mobile version of the site, but use the same content. So I will write a new template set based on bootstrap, so it is responsive.

Gonna put in a new install of Links for this, and give it a mobile url to differentiate it from the main site. The main reason I THINK I am doing it this way is that my site is hybrid- the categorys are all hard coded and built, but my detail pages are generated on the fly dynamically. So I could do the detail pages with just using the "t=responsive" tag, but that would not work for the category pages. I dont want to make the whole site dynamic because the load for the cat pages is high...

So I thought the best thing to do is just a second install that is the mobile subdomain.

So.... what about the MySQL database? Can I just have the mobile site use the SAME Database? Or should I use a separate database and merge it every night? Or is there an option I am missing???

Let me know what you think!


Big Cartoon DataBase
Big Comic Book DataBase
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