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Add Not Working

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Add Not Working
My add form has developed a bug somehow. All of a sudden, when someone submits a link, it returns an error: "You did not supply a company name." (My name field is called Company Name). If I actually leave the field blank, it returns the same message twice.

This is strange, because I haven't changed add.cgi, add.html, or form.txt. The only changes I've made recently were to add a column called "Priority" to the link table and some changes to link.html. I can't see how this could have caused the current bug.

If anyone has an idea here, I'd be grateful for the help.

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Re: [cco] Add Not Working In reply to

I think you can't change filed Contact_Name to Company Name becaouse this field Contact_Name is used a lot of time in add.cgi and modify.cgi

My idea is to change back Company Name to Contact_Name and leave error messages.
The field name is hidden from your users they don't know what is the names of the fields.