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Add_Date tag problem or glinks 3.0.3 bug

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Add_Date tag problem or glinks 3.0.3 bug
Hi all,

Encountered a strange problem after upgrade to 3.0.3.

<tr bgcolor="<%if Add_Date eq $date%>#FFCCCC<%else%><%if isNew%>#99CCCC<%else%>#CCCCCC<%endif%><%endif%>">
<td height=15 class=sbody valign=bottom width=50%>

above is code used in my links.html template. Purpose is to display Add Date of each links. when I click What's New, above codes work fine. However, When I click the LinkOwner name to list all input links by the LinkOwner, above code doesn't work:-(. When I dump the all tags, in the What's New page, Add_Date is correct but in the LinkOwner links page, Add_Date is empty.

Anything wrong?