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Adcycle Insanity!

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Adcycle Insanity!
(I appologize if this is the wrong thread)
This is insane! Ok, I am playing with search targeted.
everything is set up exactly as described in the Links SQL Admin/Adcycle/help. BUT! here is the insane part... If I set the word "Crest" as a keyword and do a search for "Crest", my "Crest" targeted banner does come up. BUT! If I add the word "crest" as a keyword, it won't!! BUT BUT BUT, If I add the word "Snog" or "snog" both work as keyword targets!! What the hell??? Does adcycle hate the word crest? Is this some sort of ploy to make me nuts?? Am I nuts?? Does anyone have a clue, other than the obvious (adcycle hates crest), as to what is goig on here?
hahahaha :/