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302 Error - Parked domains - Link Status

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302 Error - Parked domains - Link Status
When I run Verify Links and then go to Link Status, the urls listed with a 302 error seem to be mostly abandoned domains, with the url just the standard 'buy this domain' page at it's domain registrar.

Is there a way to check all links in the database for all of these 'parked domains'? If the abandoned domain is using a root page at the registrar, it won't come up as an error on Verify Links because GLinks will just think it's the original submitted page. Any ideas? I'd hate to have to click on every link in the database just to see if it's not going to a parked domain.
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Re: [yo Huge] 302 Error - Parked domains - Link Status In reply to
It could be done with a script, which would grab the page - and then look for a keyword on the page - i.e "For Sale" , or "Parked" ... and then update the database, so you can review those - and delete if you want (or better yet, just delete them anyway :P)

Would need to be done as a custom job though I'm afraid.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] 302 Error - Parked domains - Link Status In reply to
Ok, yeah, that's what i thought i'd have to do. I've got the Report Bad Link plugin for now and so surfers are clicking on the parked domain sites, but there are still many in the database.. mostly godaddy and other registrars. i guess a lot of people dropped their sites this last year.